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Tony Cook Adventures Kite School and test centre. Come and fly the 2013 Kahoona V5+.
Agents for Best Kiteboarding Africa in Knysna. Retail prices are valid for 2013. Lessons, sales, demos, hire - all available here in Knysna.
Click here for 2013 pricing.

Kahoona: The original all rounder

The Kahoona+ delivers the perfect mix of freeride performance for every riding style and every skill level. Automatic relaunch, reliable downwind drift and rock solid stability make the Kahoona perfect for attacking any wave or any new trick. If you want the convenience of EZ-pump inflation with easy handling, solid performance and day long comfort then the Kahoona+ v5 is the ultimate freeride kite.

With a reputation for surprising hang-time and great low end power it’s no wonder riders like you return to it season after season. With more responsive handling, reduced bar pressure and best in class stability courtesy of revised canopy design and our new Double Core RS canopy fabric, the v5 is our most advanced Kahoona yet.

'The evolution of the Kahoona cult continues- Faster, more fun and EZ to inflate.'
Swept tips:
The Kahoona v5 LE design brings maximum stability, high depower and exceptional low end power for do-anything freeride performance.
Double core RS:
Double Core Rip-stop has twice as many reinforcing fibers woven into the warp and weft as standard Rip-stop fabrics- giving you twice the performance with no weight penalty. A BEST Exclusive.
Custom Tune:
Multiple rear line attachment options so you can tune your kite for unhooked feel, depower, bar pressure and turning speed.
Quad Strut Design:
Improved low end power, reduced drag, and amazing stability all come from our swept tip quad strut design, helping to make the Kahoona the perfect freeride kite.
Reactive micro bridle:
A short bridle gives you precise, direct handling with plenty of feedback. A single, self-adjusting front bridle tow point helps provide the stability, low end power and upwind ability that you need to perform.
3D Kevlar Airframe:
The standard in airframe construction. Laser cut and Kevlar taped, there is no lighter, stiffer and more durable way to connect the leading edge to the struts.
3D Scuff guards:
3D injection molded scuff pads provide maximum protection in self launch situations.
Canopy Framing technology:
Copied but never bettered. CFT is the original canopy perimeter reinforcement system and it’s one of the reasons why only BEST offer you a LIFETIME warranty on your next kite. A BEST exclusive.
The simplest, fastest and most reliable rapid inflation system on the market, updated with new strut air hoses and clips.
Kevlar Elbows:
Kevlar reinforced, abrasion resistant leading edge elbow patches provide greater resistance against handling and launch/land damage.
New needle leading edge:
As simple as it sounds, using a brand new needle every time you stitch a new leading edge isn’t standard practice in the industry - but it’s the best way to build the strongest kite possible and that’s why we build this way.
Air Aid materials:
High performance Ripstop and Dacron fabric infusions maximize strength and handling responsiveness.
Hidden Bridle Patches:
Multi-layer reinforcements, applied to the inside of the LE. This provides best possible load distribution and eliminates any risk of fraying Dacron edges.

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